Friday, 22 November 2013

Had troubles losing weight before.. .

I had troubles losing weight when i had my 2 kids. Bottom photos taken in 2012. The Product that i have been consuming in the past 8 months, has change my lifestyle and gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge about my health. My job here is to share with you and is all up to you if you want to change your lifestyle. First you have to consume the product like what i did when i first started in March 2013. You will only feel the difference when your friends spot a difference in you! I always wish i came across New image earlier! I am a proud New Zealander! New Image is been around for 30years!! I am glad my family and I made the choice to move back to New Zealand. I haven't been blogging for ages! Please mind my grammar and etc! if you have any questions about my products, you can email me or comment here. 
Myself 2012

 Myself again 2012

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