Monday, 25 November 2013

Successful story of mine..

Have you always find it hard to lose weight? Not sure which product is safe? Going to the doctors for prescription? low esteem? don't bother walking in to a department store as you can't find your size? I was in this situation before.The feeling is not very nice. What drives me to lose weight again? I was working on to become a flight attendant. I totally cut down on carbs, coffee and sugar. I did the starvation method. It works but i was feeling weak and i felt ill. I m always feeling lethargic at work. 

Till i was introduce to Alpha lipid lifeline. I started eating normally again and i drank a glass of alpha lipid lifeline everyday. I felt energetic till i attend most of the body jam classes and sh bam. I didnt know in the first place when i took this product i will lose weight as well. 

I only realize i shed all those weight when i tried wearing my old pants from 2008 one fine day. I was so happy! all those pants were just sitting in my boxes of old clothes that i could not wear! That feeling was priceless! 

Last year, I had friends over from Singapore visited me here and were shocked to see me that i grown so much! Even when i was over in Singapore, all my friends said i put on so much and look like a Mum. Lol.

I was Size 16. Now I am Size 12. If you are having problems like me in the past, email me or  comment here. Looking forward to help others to achieve what i achieve. 

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Meeting Wally Famous...(Famous amos)

Wally famous, and founder of New image (Graeme clegg) dancing at the New image dinner in Hawaii. If you still want to be dancing at that age.. Join me... I have never seen a person that age dancing.. he is in his 70's.. He is amazing! 

I am still improvising my website.. please bare with me..

Information about Alpha Lipid Colostrum..

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Had troubles losing weight before.. .

I had troubles losing weight when i had my 2 kids. Bottom photos taken in 2012. The Product that i have been consuming in the past 8 months, has change my lifestyle and gave me the opportunity to gain knowledge about my health. My job here is to share with you and is all up to you if you want to change your lifestyle. First you have to consume the product like what i did when i first started in March 2013. You will only feel the difference when your friends spot a difference in you! I always wish i came across New image earlier! I am a proud New Zealander! New Image is been around for 30years!! I am glad my family and I made the choice to move back to New Zealand. I haven't been blogging for ages! Please mind my grammar and etc! if you have any questions about my products, you can email me or comment here. 
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